fallin on your knees


fallin on your knees

Review the Stations

Strength: Every (3)-mins for (4) Rounds
5 Strict Press
Challenging # of Wide Grip Pull-ups
20 Russian Kettlebell Swings

Metcon: 3 Rounds: 2-min AMRAP
5 Thrusters
4 Bar over Burpees
3 Ring Muscle ups
(Rest 90-seconds)

Each new Round- Weight goes up. Pick up where you left off.

L1: 115/85, 135/95, 155/105, Ring Muscle Ups, BFB
L2: 95/65, 115/85, 135/95, Ring Muscle Ups or Bar Muscle-Ups, BOB
L3:75/55, 95/65, 105/75, 6 Kipping Pull-ups
L4: DB Thrusters, Reg. Burpees, Jumping CTB

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