Chop It in Half


Chop It in Half

SKILL – Push Press/Push Jerk/Split Jerk 

STRENGTH – (3) 4-Min EMOMS (1-min REST b/w EMOMS) <14-mins>

EMOM 1: 3 Push Press 
EMOM 2: 2 Push Jerk 
EMOM 3: 1 Split Jerk 

The weights should start on the lighter side and get heavier as you work up to Split Jerk

METCON – Against 16-mins……

750m Row or 1500m Bike


4 Rounds:
7 Pullups
14 KBS
35 Double Unders


750m Row or 1500m Bike

L1: C2B, 70/52 (American), 750m/600m Row or 1500/1000m bike
L2: C2B, 52/35 (Russian), 750m/600m or 1500/1000m bike
L3: Kipping Pullups, 35/25 (Russian), 600m/500m or 1200/850m bike
L4: Ring Rows, 24/20 (Russian), Singles, 500m/400m or 1000m/750m bike

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