Can’t See Between


Can’t See Between

Auxillary Core:

3 rounds for quality

30 second tuck out kicks

30 second wall sit

30 second handstand hold or plank

30 second hollow rock

30 second rest

STRENGTH – Every 2-mins for 8 Rounds

Bench Press: 5 reps @ 65-75% (keep these light and moveable)

Strict Pull-ups/Inverted rows/Ring Rows: Pick a number and stick with it

METCON – 12-minute AMRAP

20 DL

200m Run

10 Pull-ups

L1: 135/95,  CTB

L2: 115/85, Pull-ups

L2: 95/65, Assisted or non-assisted pullups

L4: KB DL, Ring Rows

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