bring me to tears


bring me to tears

Within 12 minutes
3 rounds for time… 
100 DUs (break up however)
20 HSPU (break up however)
100m Run (together)
100 DUs

L1: 150 DUs, Deficit HSPU, 200m run
L2: As written
L3: 50 DUs, Pike push ups or Seated DB Press 35/20,
L4: 100 Singles, HR Push ups
As far as possible in 15 mins

1000m Row (alt every 250)
50 Bar over Burpees
50 Power cleans
50 Bar over burpees
1000m Row

L1: 1500m Row, Bar facing, 185/135
L2: 1000m row, lateral bar over burpees, 155/105
L3: 750m row, BOB, 135/85
L4: 500m row, burpees, 95/65 or DBs

In 8 minutes… 
200m Dball Carry (switch every 50m)
40 sit ups (break up however)
WRT: Box Jump Overs

L1: 150/100, GHD, 24″/20″
L2: 100/80, 20 GHD or 40 situps, 24″/20″
L3: 80/60, sit ups, 20″/17″
L4: 60/45, situps, step ups

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