Arms to Hug Me


Arms to Hug Me

With a partner:

AMRAP in 20 Minutes:

50 Double Unders

40 Kettlebell Swings

30 Wall Balls

20 Box Jumps

Every 4 Minutes, both partners run 200 meters.

Rest 3 Minutes

AMRAP in 5 Minutes:

Both partners hold a kettlebell in goblet position.  Partners alternate performing goblet squats.  If either partner puts a kettlebell down, both partners must do 10 burpees.

REST 3 Minutes:

5 rounds/person: 18-min Time Cap

8 Dumbbell Snatches

6 Lunges with Dumbbell

4 Burpees

L1: 50/35, Dumbbell Overhead

L2: 35/20, Dumbbell Overhead

L3: 20/10, Dumbbell in goblet position

L4: 15/8, unweighted lunges


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