all the way up


all the way up

Skill: Review the Stations/Movements

Strength: (4) Rounds for QUALITY!
(12) Single Leg Deadlifts (6/Leg) (LIGHT WT.)
10 HEAVY Russian KBS
(10) Curtsey Lunges with a KB in Gob. Position (5/Leg)
**Monitor your own clock; Rest 90-seconds–2-mins B/w sets

**Curtsey Lunges: If having a wt. is too much; Body Wt. Curtsey Lunges

Metcon: (12)-min EMOM with a GOAT
Station 1: 3 Deadlifts (Ascending in wt. e/a Round)
Station 2: Insert GOAT (0:45-0:50)(Allow for Transition)
Station 3: 100m Run

No need for Levels: Pick a weight to start with for DL and build each round, and Pick a GOAT

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