Make It Big -5/17


Make It Big -5/17

SKILL – Snatch
Power Snatch
Tips on Stringing Heavy Snatches

STRENGTH – Snatch: Every 1:30 for 10 rounds
1 Snatch
*Incr. wt. thru the rds (don’t exceed 80%)

METCON – For Time + 2RM Snacth
800m Run
30 Push-ups
400m Run
20 Push-ups
200m Run
10 Push-ups

Take 4-mins to find 2RM Snatch
2 scores= Time on the ladder + 2RM Snatch
6 min clock starts when you finish 200m Run
Starting weight can be set up

L1: Ring Push-ups
L2: HR Push-ups
L3: Push-ups
L4: Push-ups off a box, barbell, or knees