Murderous Rhythm – 5/15


Murderous Rhythm – 5/15

Skill: DUs

Strength: Back Squat 8-6-4-2
Take 20-25mins to find a heavy 8-6-4-2

Metcon: (1:00w/1:00r) (5 of each, alternating between. There is rest between each. So 1:00 of Double Unders, one minute of rest. One minute of burpees, one minute of rest.)
Double Unders

*Lowest Number=Score     
*Two scores= DU Number and Burpee No.     

L1: DU (Unbroken Number) , Burpee to rig (6")     
L2: DU, Burpee to plate     
L3: 1/2 DU + 1/2 Singles, Burpees to plate     
L4: Singles, Regular Burpees