Long as We Try – 5/13


Long as We Try – 5/13

Accumulate 1 mile Run

Break up the mile in any way
Each person must run at least 2 times
Tag partner

(3-min Rest)

20-min AMRAP

20 cal rower
40 Wall Balls
20 cal rower
40 Thrusters
20 cal rower

1 Person Works/1 Person rests
Rounds and Reps= Score

L1: 135/95,Burpees over the rower, Deficit HSPU
L2: 115/85, Burpees over the rower, HSPU
L3: 95/65,Burpees over the rower (Step over) HSPU or HR Push-ups
L4: DB Thrusters, Regular Burpees, Regular Push-ups

(4-min Rest)

6 rounds- 3/person (10-min Time Cap)

25 DUs
5 hang cleans
5 push Jerks

1 Person works/1 Person rests
Time Finished= Score

L1: 155/105, CTB, Unbroken DUs
L2: 135/95, CTB, DUs
L3: 95/65, Kipping Pull-ups, 1/2 Attempts + 1/2 Singles
L4: DB S2OH, DB Cleans, Ring rows, Singles