Erin Mena-DiMauro


Erin Mena-DiMauro

Fayetteville, NC

28? I tend to forget, after 25 I stopped keeping track.

I work as a patient coordinator at Chapel Hill Eyecare and teach yoga!

When did you first start Crossfit?
I started January of 2015, more Groupon and less New Year’s Resolution. It was a way to supplement my half marathon training. Turned out that I liked lifting a lot more than running.

What is your favorite movement? Favorite workout?
Movement Snatches. (Strength helps, but so much of it is form. Kind of a metaphor for life)
Workout: I love Bear Complexes or heavy barbell movements. I am pretty strong so heavy works for me.

What is your least favorite movement? Work out?
Movement:: Double Unders. (I end up looking like a member of Opus Dei during the Middle Ages)
Workout: 17.5. Because of the double unders.

Tell us about your sports and fitness background.
I danced for a few years in high school (ballet, modern, and some African), and had a terrible foray in softball for a summer in middle school.
I have practised yoga for 10+ year doing everything from YMCA classes, hot yoga, bikram, Yin, aerial, and acro. As of April 30th I will have completed my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training. I also teach mobility at SPCF! So if you have any questions I am more than happy to help out!

How did you first get exposed to Crossfit?
In 2011, my sister initially talked about it, while she was stationed in Ft. Gordon. I teased her for “drinking the Kool Aid.” It is something that just kind of lingered until I found Southpoint Crossfit.
I started off with a Groupon. Then, convinced my husband I would do it for 3 months just to supplement my half marathon training. Then, I further convinced him that he needed to drink the Kool Aid too and we never looked back.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body?
I am more muscular than I ever have been. But beyond the physical appearance, my stamina and strength have improved. My snatch went from 45 lbs to 105 lbs over the course of two years.

What impact has Crossfit had on your live?
This is going to get a little deep because Crossfit has done a ton for me. From changing my body image, to how I look at challenges, to helping me make friends..
Crossfit has changed the way I look at myself and my body. I suffered from some pretty low self esteem and severe depression for years. I convinced myself that I needed to be thin to be happy, and if I was thin my life would be better. All this regardless of true emotional or physical health.
The first few months at Southpoint, I lost a bit of weight, but not anything drastic. It was how I felt, and what my body became capable of, that started to drive me to want more. My weight still fluctuates a lot, but on the same token I am a lot more muscular than I used to be and capable of so much. Crossfit has given me a much better opinion of myself and allowed me to break a pretty self-destructive cycle.
The constant variation and forced adaptation you need to survive a WOD’s, translates well for life outside the Box. While, I still have road rage issues, my ability to deal with life has improved. If you can make it through the Filthy Fifty, you can make it through anything.
Crossfit has given me friends. A social circle so much more diverse and slightly twisted than what I could have created on my own. The friendship that is forged in a particularly hellacious “Pet Rock” work out is on that will last! We all come from such different places, but we all have something in common. To people who don’t get it we look like an odd bunch, but that is what makes the community so great.

Crossfit gave me awesome. Awesome friends. Awesome life skills. Awesome belief in myself.

What is your favorite Southpoint Crossfit moment?
Whenever someone gets that one thing they have been chasing for weeks, months, even years. There is such a sense of pride and accomplishment that everyone rallies around.

What is your advice for people getting started?
I normally hear about how dangerous Crossfit it. Crossfit is not dangerous. Bad coaching is dangerous, poor movement is dangerous, ego is dangerous. Not Crossfit.
Try it, give it 3 months. That is enough time for your body to get over the initial soreness and to see some results. Between that and the friends you start making, you will be hooked. If not, that is cool too. No harm, no foul. But at least you committed to something longer than most Hollywood marriages.
Also, mobilize! Mobilize! Mobilize! It may not feel good to roll out your quads in that moment. But when you go to sit on the toilet tomorrow and are not as sore as you were last time there was a leg heavy day, you will appreciate it. Pick a show that you want to watch, and roll out that whole show. You would be sitting there anyway, might as well do something.

What are your interests outside of Crossfit?
So, most everyone knows that I teach yoga. I love physical activity. Hiking, paddle boarding, paintball, etc. I am a huge nerd, mainly Harry Potter and Marvel. I also love cooking and gardening. I should have some extra veggies I will bring by the gym when harvest time comes around!