Here to Witness – 4/13


Here to Witness – 4/13

Skill: Snatch

Strength: Snatch Every 2 mins for 8 rounds

2 Snatches (Do not have to be touch and go)
start at 60%
Add 5lbs each new round if form looks good

Metcon: 2 5-min AMRAPS

5-min AMRAP
10 Bar over burpees
7 Snatches

Rest 2 mins

5-min AMRAP
100m run
15 Russian Kettle Bell Swings (HEAVY)

L1: BFB, 115/85, Black/Blue
L2: BOB, 95/65, Blue/Red
L3: BOB, 55/35, Red/Orange
L4: Regular Burpees, DB Snatch, Orange/Yellow