Six Feet of Soil – 4/12/17


Six Feet of Soil – 4/12/17

Skill: Muscle Ups

Work on a pulling movement (pullup/muscle up/muscle up transition) in between sets of push press.

Strength: Push Press
4×2 @ 90%

Metcon: 3 Rounds (3:00w/3:00r)

Row/15 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
5 Pull-ups
Max set of Wall Balls

Score= Wall Balls

L1: 250m/200m or 95/65 , 3 Muscle Ups, 30/20
L2: 250/200m or 75/55, Chest to Bar pullups, 20/14
L3: 200m/150m or 65/45, Regular Pullups and may be scaled to jumping or banded pull-ups, 15/10
L4: 200m/150m or KB SDLHP, Ring Rows, 12/6