200 Carats


200 Carats

Warm-up then Mobilize for Squats

***Pause change; 5 sec in the bottom/12 sec in FR Position. BACK TO 80%

STRENGTH – Week 4 of 9 Front Squats

Part A: Instructions- With a 15-min running clock find a HEAVY Pause FS (5 sec in bottom/12 in FR Postion)
Part B: Instructions- With a 15-min Running clock Apply 80% of your “Heavy” for (3-3-3) Same Pauses as above

Coaches note: For the 3×3, 1 full set of the 3 is 0:51-seconds

METCON – 3 Rounds for Time (10 Minute Cap)

15 Chest to Bar Pullups
10 OHS
5 OTB Burpees

L1: Chest to Bar, 115/85, BFB
L2: Kipping Pullups, 95/65, BFB
L3: Jumping Pullups, 65/45, Lateral Burpees
L4: Ring Rows, Goblet Squats, Burpees (or scaled burpees)

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