Tip of the Hat


Tip of the Hat

Skill: Power Cleans/Complex

Strength—Cleans: Part A & B 

A.) Within 12- mins…Find heaviest weight for complex:
High hang PC + Hang (below knee) PC + FS

B.) Clean pulls 3-3-3 
(light intended to work on the explosiveness and extension)

Metcon: 10 min AMRAP

Buy-in: 200m Farmer’s Carry 


10 Front Rack Lunges 
15 Wall-Balls 
5 Power Cleans 

L1: 155/105, 30/20, Black/Blue
L2: 135/95, 20/14, Blue/Red 
L3: 105/75, 16/12, Red/Orange 
L4:DB Everything, 12/10, Orange/Yellow

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