those clowns


those clowns

Skill: OHS Mobility

Strength: Snatch Recieving Position Work
10 Minutes to work through (Pick 1 depending on ability)
3×5 Sotts Press
3×5 Tempo OHS (32X1)
3×5 PVC Pipe OHS w/ Pauses at above, just at parallel, and in bottom position (elevate heels)

Metcon: 3 Min on/3 Min Off x 4 Rounds
10 Burpee Box Jump Over (Box Facing)
20 Alt. DB Snatches

L1: BFB, 70/50, Strict HSPU
L2: BFB, 50/35, Kipping HSPU
L3: BFB x 8 (step ups allowed), 35/25, Pushups
L4: Burpees x 8, 25/15, Pushups

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