They Fade Away


They Fade Away

With a partner (alternating 1 minute work/ 1 minute rest) until complete (or 45 minute cap):


Overhead Squats
D-ball over the shoulder
Handstand Pushups
Calories on the Bike

Partner 1 will start on Overhead Squats and do as many as possible in one minute.  At the 1 minute mark, Partner 2 will pick up where Partner 1 left off and Partner 1 will rest.  At minute 2, Partner 1 will pick up where Partner 2 left off and Partner 2 will rest.

L1 -135/95, 150/100
L2 – 95/65, 120/80
L3 – 65/45, 100/70, Scaled HSPU (feet on a box, pike pushups)
L4 – Goblet Squats (with a KB), 80/60, Dumbbell Press

If you finish before the 45 minute time cap:

Optional Cash-out

5:00 – Max Abmat situps white partner is holding plank (switch as needed).

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