Sickle Sharpening


Sickle Sharpening

Skill: Renegade Rows/Review of Movements in Workout

Strength:Every 2-mins for 16-mins (8 Rounds)

Bench: 5 reps @ 70-80%

Strict Pull-ups (Pick a number that you can maintain through the rds)

*Complete both stations within the 2-mins

People should partner up and stagger

METCON – With a 16-min Clock:

Min 1-Max Calories, Assault Bike

Min 2-Rest

Min 3-Max Reps, Slam Ball (scale up to D-Balls over the shoulder)

Min 4-Rest

Min 5-Max Calories, Rower

Min 6-Rest

Min 7- Max Reps, Renegade Row (scale down by removing push-up from the movement)

Min 8-Rest


L1: 50/35 Dumbbells, 120/80

L2: 35/20 Dumbbells, 35/25 Slam Balls

L3: 20/15 Dumbbells, 30/20 Slam Balls

L4: 15/10 Dumbbells, 20/10 Slam Balls

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