Pushing Lies


Pushing Lies

SKILL – Pistols

STRENGTH – Overhead Squats 5 sets of 5

Work up in weight as long as you are comfortable with the movement.  If you are not comfortable, work on squatting with upright posture using KBs or Bumper plates in front of you.

METCON – Six Shooter

For Time, 6 rounds

6 Left pistol

6 Right pistol

6 Burpees

6 Overhead Squats

6 Pushups

6 Box Jumps

Level 1 – Pistols, 115/85, Ring Pushups, 24/20

Level 2 – Pistols, 95/65, Pushups, 24/20

Level 3 – Scaled Pistols, 65/45 or Goblet, Scaled Pushups, 20/18

Level 4 – Box Step ups, Goblet, Scaled Pushups, 18/16

Coaching Tips: Hold the kettlebell / dumbbell however you would like to make the pistol happen (at the shoulder, out in front, etc.). If you can’t do a pistol, choose a box that allows you to sit and stand on one leg. You can vary the box height by using plates on a low box OR by putting the plate on the ground and then standing on it.

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