I’m too busy for your business


I’m too busy for your business

Skill: Rope Climbs

Skill/Strength: Handstands 1-3

1.) Shoulder & Wrist Warmup:

2.) HS Walk Strength/Stability:
Handstand shifts (use eraser or just do the motion with your hands)

OR (pick which one you can do correctly and efficiently)

Handstand bench around the world
3×6 (3 to the right, 3 to the left)

3.) Handstands:
Accumulate 2 minutes
1) free standing, 2) wall, or 3) box or wall walk as inverted as possible ”

Metcon: For Time
Buy in: 600m run
3 rounds
12 Weighted walking lunges (DB on shoulders)
3 rope climbs

L1: 800m run, 70/50, Deficit HSPU, Legless
L2: 600m, 50/35, HSPU, Rope Climbs
L3: 600m, 35/20, Pike HSPU, 3 rope climb attempts
L4: 400m, 20/15, DB OH Press, 6 knee to elbow on the rope

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