Greg Wehn


Greg Wehn

Age? 35

Occupation? IT Audit and Risk Manager

Where are your from? Pittsburgh, PA (technically Cranberry Twp)

Have you played sports in the past? Yes; leading up to college I played baseball, football, inline (roller) hockey, basketball, paintball (competitively), and racquetball. Recently I’ve beeninvolved in softball and kickball (co-ed adult league) as well as races my wife has gotten me into from a running perspective.

How long have youdone Crossfit? Started “officially” July 1, 2012

How did you hear about Crossfit? My buddy in the area wouldn’t stop talking about how awesome and intense it was and how many gains he was making. I then started doing my own research on the theory and programming behind it and it seemed interesting because it was so different than anything I had done before.

What made you take the plunge? I had hit a number of plateaus in my lifts, losing the late 20’s weight I gained focusing on my career, and motivation. I realized my two options were a personal trainer or CrossFit and I chose CrossFit due to the community and competitive nature of the workouts.

What has Crossfit done for you? It seems like a simple question but really isn’t… as there are both physical and mental aspects to my experience.
Physically, in the past 5 years I have reduced my fat % from ~25-26% down to ~12-13% and reduced my overall weight by 8 pounds. I’ve learned new skills that I had never even tried before such as handstands, handstand walks, dead hang pull ups, muscle ups, and an elevated body awareness. You also can’t ignore the overall gains such as improvement of my back squat from 135# to 345#, deadlift from 185# to 400#, and strict press from 65# to 152.5#.
Mentally has been a bit of a deeper impact. The overall training program has provided me with a higher level of self-esteem and drive in what I thought was physically possible. I used to live in the past and make a lot of excuses as to why I couldn’t do something, but working with some of my favorite coaches over the years I’ve learned that if you put the time in and break things down into smaller chunks of work that you’ll get there eventually. Also, youcan’t skip the fundamentals or steps to reach a big goal… few people can just walk in and
What is your favorite movement? What is your least favorite? Start with least favorite – thrusters. Hands down, no question… if you are in the box with me when we know we have them coming I’ll complain the whole class about them and even after we’re done.
Favorite I can’t really nail down so I’d say my favorite movements are muscle ups (because I finally have them consistently), hand stand push ups, all the squats (back/front/overhead), and snatching.

What is your favorite SPCF memory? The one that sticks out in my mind happened a few weeks ago during my first “True” Murph attempt. I think I was the last person working and as I started out the door to slog through the last mile of the workout, I heard footsteps behind me and it was Stefan. After completing his first Murph workout which typically leaves people wrecked he decided to run the last mile with me to make sure I had company and wasn’t working alone even though he was exhausted and already done all the required work. The reason I chose this one is that it embodies the mindset of the community on a day in, day out basis and both Stefan and I crossed a goal off the board that day.

Do you have a favorite moment from SPCF? What is it? I have a lot of favorite moments, but those tend to come and go as once I meet one goal I immediately make another. I think these days my favorite moments become watching the other members hit their goals or surprise themselves on a daily basis. Whether it’s the elusive PR on a lift that they’ve missed multiple times, their first dead-hang pull up, first muscle up, or finishing a workout “Rx” – I really just enjoy the celebration and congratulations that occur afterwards as well as the stupid grins on their faces.

What would you tell others about Crossfit? I have three things I always tell people that if you can get past it is a great, results driven strength and fitness program:
1 – Just about everyone is intimidated when they start, so don’t let that dissuade you. Leave your ego at the door (as everyone else is supposed to do) and focus on you instead of someone else at the gym.
2 – CrossFit has a defined schedule and that requires you to commit to a schedule. While getting into that routine has helped me and forced me into a schedule, many people find it inconvenient and difficult to find that groove. Regardless, it is worth it if you make the commitment.
3 – Everyone has sticker shock at the monthly cost. It’s more than your typical “Globo-Gym” or 24 hour fitness location. However, in most cases you are getting small group attention and based on my cost per hour breakdown it ends up being cheaper than small group strength programs or personal training.

Why South point Crossfit? It started as a convenience thing as it is close to my house and I knew the owner, but it has grown into a very interesting community. There are just a variety of personalities and ability levels which creates a really unique environment that I have not seen in the five total boxes I’ve been at since 2012. Also, the coaches… they make a difference and having people who can understand where you are personally and in your training can save you from potential injuries and allow you to get the most out of your time in the box.

What are your interests outside of Crossfit? I love cooking. It’s how I wind down after my work day and we have a bunch of entertaining events throughout the year we host in our backyard. Also, I love being outdoors with the wife and our dog… he’s a handsome boy, but not a smart man. Whether that is hiking, swimming over at lake Jordan, or just walking the greenways or our neighborhood we try to get outside as much as possible. I also play online video games with a number of the guys at the gym (Xbox One) – we get online at least every Tuesday night and play for a few hours.

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