Got Your Partner?


Got Your Partner?

With a partner:

Alternating Minutes for Reps: 14-mins

0:00-2:00 Max HSPU

2:00-4:00 Max Double Unders

4:00-6:00 Cal Row

6:00-8:00 1RM Back Squat from Rack

8:00-10:00 Cal Row

10:00-12:00 Max DUs

12:00-14:00 Max HSPU

*Score= Reps and 1RM BS added together

L1:  DUs, HSPU


L3: DU Attempts, HR Push-ups

L4: Singles, Reg. Push-ups

3-min Rest

12-min Time Cap:

50 Synchro Wall balls

30 Cleans

50 Synchro Wall Balls

20 Cleans

50 Synchro Wall Balls

10 Cleans

L1: 135/95, 185/135, 225/155, 20/14

L2: 115/95, 135/95, 165/115, 20/14

L3: 75/55, 95/65, 105/75, 14/12

L4: DB Cleans, 12/10

3-min Rest

10-min Time Cap

Ascending ladder by 3’s

Bar Over Burpees (Synchro)

Deadlifts (Synchro)

**Sync at the top for DL

**Sync on the floor for Burpee BJO

L1: 225/155, BFB

L2: 185/135, BOB

L3: 135/95, BOB

L4: KB DL, Reg Burpees

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