Get It All Over


Get It All Over

With a partner: (45-min time cap)
-1600m run, 100 DB Lunges
-1200m run, 75 Single Arm DB Thruster
-800m run, 50 Devil Presses (
-400m run, 25 Man-Makers (Man-Maker = Pushup on DB, Row Left, Row Right, Squat Clean Thruster)

*Both partners run. DB work is split however.

Some Notes:
1. EVERYTHING is modifiable 🙂! Feel free to make the runs 800/600/400/200m, OR split the runs.
2. Rain/No Running contingency plan: Row/Ski 2k/1500m/1000m/500m OR assault bike 4800m/3600m/2400m/1200m (3x the meters).

L1 – 50/35 DB, Lunge with Single DB Overhead
L2- 35/20, Lunge with 2 DBs in rack position
L3- 25/15, Lunge with 2 DBs in rack or one DB in Goblet position, Sub Renegade Rows for Man-Makers
L4- 20/10, Bodyweight lunges or DBs at sides, Sub Burpees for Devil Presses, Sub Renegade Rows for Man-makers

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