Deck of Cards


Deck of Cards

With a Partner –

1 Deck of cards will be on the floor for every team (face down).  One at a time, partners will pull a card from the pile and perform the movement associated with the suit (below).  The number of reps will be the number on the card.  Jack, Queens and Kings are all 10.  Aces are 11.

If any team pulls the same suit in back to back cards, both partners must perform 10/8 calories on the assault bike before beginning again.

40 minute time cap:

Clubs – Squat Cleans (can be a power clean with a front squat)

Hearts – Pushups (scale up to HSPU)

Spades – Burpees

Diamonds – Dumbbell Snatch

Jokers – Row for Calories (Male/Male – 40 calories, Male/Female – 35, Female/Female – 30)

L1 – 155/105, HSPU, 50/35

L2 – 135/95, HSPU, 35/20

L3 – 95/65, Pushups, 30/15

L4 – Med Ball Cleans, Scaled Push-ups, 15/10

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