ain’t nothin’ but a heartache


ain’t nothin’ but a heartache

Skill/Warmup: Review the Stations/Give time to Warm-up for each Station

Strength: (12)-min EMOM
Station 1: 15 Russian KBS
Station 2: 8 Reps on Bench Press <Moderate Weight: 60-65%>
Station 3: 20 Russian Twists

**For Russian Twists: L (+) R= 1 Rep**

L1: Black/Blue, #35/20 (Russian Twists)
L2: Blue/Red, #20/15 (Russian Twists)
L3: Red/Orange, #15/10 (Russian Twists)
L4: Orange/Yellow, #10/8 (Russian Twists)

a) Against 6-mins… For Reps:
800m Run
Remaining Time: Max Reps S2OH

3-min Rest-

b) For Time:
# Of Achieved S2OH from Previous 6-mins
800m Run

**2 Scores= Reps from 1st 6-mins/Time from Reps achieved and Run**

L1: 155/105, 800m Run
L2: 115/85, 800m Run
L3: 75/55, 600m Run
L4: 400m Run, DB S2OH

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