09.10.2016 – Coffee, tea, or something stronger


09.10.2016 – Coffee, tea, or something stronger



  • Snatch
  • Clean


“Pet Rock”

Teams of two complete these movements for time:

  • 100 Slamball
  • 100 Burpee
  • 100 Overhead Lunges
  • 100 Situp
  • 100 Dip
  • 100 Wallball
  • For this workout you will have a ‘pet rock’. The pet rock will be a 1 pood kettlebell for both women and men. While one person works, the other person is resting and carefully holding the pet rock. The pet rock does not liked to be dropped, so if you do drop it, both partners must do 10 burpees each immediately before continuing. You can hold the “pet rock” by any means necessary as long as it does not touch the ground. However, you can not lie on the floor or sit down on anything while holding it.